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Mana Required : 85 000
Shots : 3
Range : 8
Duration : 40 seconds
Incantation : Noctana

Hypnotise is an offensive spell which converts all enemy followers, that are in the area where the spell was casted, to your side for about 40 seconds. The spiral above the follower's head indicates that they are temporarily on the tribe that they are currently on. Hypnotised followers can still be converted by enemy preachers and hypnotised again to another tribe.

You first receive hypnotise permanently on Level 11: Treacherous Souls by worshipping the Vault of Knowledge that the Chumara tribe guards. Hypnotise is not commonly used in multiplayer games.

When training hypnotised followers to another follower type they will convert to your tribe permanently.

The Chumara tribe is popular for using the Hypnotise spell commonly throughout the game.

Also, if you defeat a tribe while having some of its followers hypnotised, they convert to your tribe permanently.

Discovery Speech

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