Unlikely Allies

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Unlikely Allies
Unlikely Allies
Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 3
Stone Heads : 3
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : Blue & Yellow
Difficulty : Hard

Unlikely Allies is the nineteenth level in Single Player, it is also the only level where you are allied with another tribe (in this case the Chumara). It is also the only level where the Teleport spell is available.

Starting Speech

"The Dakini have grown too powerful on this world. I am suspicious of allying my tribe with the Chumara, but I must protect their settlement and prevent the Dakini from destroying us all."


Your Reincarnation Site is on top of a cliff on a large island with wildmen and trees, and a Stone Head activating Teleport. North of your Reincarnation Site is the mountain of the Chumara on another large island connected to another large island east of your Reincarnation Site, the island of the Dakini. A cliff seperates the Chumara and the Dakini. Near your Reincarnation Site at the Dakini island is a Stone Head on top of an unactive volcano. A tiny offshore island bears another Stone head guarded by a swamp. A river seperates your island to the Dakini island, and a channel seperates your mountain with the mountain of the Chumara.

Enemy tribe: Dakini

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Stone Head 3 Teleport 6
Stone Head 1 Volcano 6
Stone Head 1 Firestorm 5


At the Unlikely Allies level, you begin with your Shaman and some braves without a tribe yet. You are allied with the Chumara Tribe, which you must defend against the Dakini. Sequence:

  1. Start your tribe by building houses and converting wildmen and, also, activating the Landbridge spell.
  2. Build a tower beside the Reincarnation Site, at the edge of your cliff.
  3. Put your Shaman inside the tower.
  4. Once the landbridge is now available, make a bridge from your mountain to your ally's mountain.
  5. Defend the Chumara from the Dakini.
  6. Once the first attack of the Dakini is settled, close the entrance where the Dakini passed to climb the Chumara mountain by landbridging it.
  7. Now that the Chumara mountain cannot be entered, you should have no problem defending them (the Dakini will attack at boats, but they will still have a hard time climbing and they will be attacked by the Chumara firewarriors and Shaman.
  8. Return to your tribe and expand it.
  9. Send the assigned amount of followers to worship the Stone Head at your island to recieve Teleport.
  10. Activate the Swamp spell to defend yourself against Dakini attackers.
  11. When you're ready to attack, worship the Stone Head on top of the crater.
  12. When the worshipping is finished, the crater will turn to a volcano and you will have the spell of Volcano.
  13. (If you have soldiers with you): Before your soldiers attack, cast the volcano spell preferably at the middle of their tribe.
  14. Attack and destroy the Dakini.

Note: There is another Stone Head at the offshore island. It is guarded by swamp. To remove the swamp, instead of getting ten followers and sacrificing them to remove it, simply move your mouse pointer to it and press Shift+Right click (that swamp is actually yours!).

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