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Mode : Multiplayer
Players : 4
Stone Heads : 5
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Depends

This is a common map played in multiplayer and is known for the lack of land there is on the map. Tree farming is popular on this level, since you have limited trees. There are islands which you can use to connect to your enemies islands, as well as a large island in the middle with a Stone Head that contains Volcano. The islands which you can connect to, to get to your enemy's islands have Stone Heads on them which contain either Erode or Firestorm.


The level has a fairly small amount of land and consits of mainly islands containing players or Stone Heads. There are four circular islands with a large pool of water in the middle. Your shamans will expand the land in the middle of the pool at the start of the level creating a skinny U shaped water strip. Each player has up to two small hills which can be used as advantages to defending your base. In the centre of the map is a large island in a shape of a volcano where a Stone Head lies granting you Volcano and setting off the volcano which lies next to it.

Each player island has a small area of land with Stone Heads on granting you Firestorm or Erode, these are commonly used to connect to enemies or allies.

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Stone Head 1 Volcano 6
Stone Head 3 Firestorm 6
Stone Head 3 Firestorm 6
Stone Head 3 Erode 6
Stone Head 3 Erode 6


A useful tactic for this level is to farm, convert wildies, and build as much as you can. When you reach a certain amount of people (say 20) stop converting and charge landbridge. Some people convert less and some convert more. Landbridge over the water around your Reincarnation Site, that should give you some more building space. After doing that you should focus on getting to the islands so you can attack your enemy. Some people use a ramp from the large hill on your island, but if your enemy is on the other side there is a special tower location to get there in one landbridge. Until you learn it, just make more land until you reach. If you do not make a ramp, you can make more land behind that hill to connect to the mini island. After you've connected, you can connect to the larger island with the Stone Head granting you volcano. Get some firewarriors for defence and some earthquakes charged then start to attack your enemy.


It is possible to win very quickly if you make a Warrior Hut at the start, one lightning, a few landbridges and maybe an earthquake. If you connect to the hill and do not fill in your base, after that kill the enemy shaman, while connect to them and send in your warriors.

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