Building Bridges

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Building Bridges
Building Bridges
Building Bridges
Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 3
Stone Heads : 2
Vault of Knowledges : 2
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Easy

Building Bridges is the sixth level in Populous Single Player and is the first level where the player faces two tribes at once. This level is very similar to Linked Isles, which is the Multiplayer version - that version has additional obelisks and connected land. This level is used a lot for practicing building techniques such as Harvesting and Hut Dismantling.

Starting Speech

"For the first time we must face two tribes: the Chumara and the Matak. Perhaps I can use them against each other. I sense a Totem Pole may be useful in bringing them into conflict."


Building Bridges is on one of the largest Single Player maps and it is said to be ideal for practicing building and harvesting due to its large open areas with trees spread out everywhere. This level also contains more wildmen than any other level.

The blue tribe starts on a huge island shared with the Chumara tribe. There is a lot of elevation and wildmen on the land. The player has a Vault of Knowledge close to the Reincarnation Site and a Stone Head hidden in a circular hill.

Next to the island is a smaller one with the Matak tribe settled on it. They guard another Vault of Knowledge and a Stone Head. There is another Stone Head on the Matak island, closer to the player's base.

Next to the land closest to blue's area is a tiny island with a Totem Pole on it guarded by a Chumara warrior.

Enemy tribes: Chumara, Matak

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Stone Head 3 Swamp 4
Stone Head 3 Hypnotise 1
Stone Head 1 Firestorm 1
Totem Pole Landbridge 1
Vault of Knowledge Convert
Vault of Knowledge Landbridge


First use your shaman to worship the nearby Vault of Knowledge then build a large base with many huts. When you have Convert use it on all the wildmen north of your base. Quickly set up a small defense of patrolling warriors and a couple of preachers in each passage way into your base. You can worship the nearby Stone Head if you wish. Two Guard Towers, one beside the central entrance way from the north and one beside the eastern entrance to your base can be useful for your shaman.

It won't be long before the Matak shaman connects to you using Landbridge and then does their first attack. You can kill them easily if your Shaman is positioned in the eastern Guard Tower by using Lightning on the group right after the Matak Shaman casts Landbridge. Once they're destroyed, worship the Stone Head closest to you on the Matak island. This will grant you the Hypnotise spell which you can use on the Chumara warrior next to the Totem Pole. When he is converted temporarily to your side, command him to worship the Totem Pole. This will erode the tiny island that he is on and will connect the north part of the Matak island to the Chumara base, allowing them to fight each other. Do not depend on them attacking each other too much though as they will still remember to attack you as well with more focused attacks. The Matak will attack quite often while the Chumara attack far more rarely. Both tribes rely on their Shaman as part of their attacks.

When you have some spare braves, round up an army and destroy the Matak settlement. Worship the Vault of Knowledge and the Stone Head on the hill to get Landbridge and Firestorm. When you have finished the tribe off, head to the Chumara tribe with reinforcements and send your Shaman to the top of the hill. From there she can cast Firestorm over the Chumara village and other useful spells. Destroy what's left of the camp with your warriors and preachers.

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