Lava Flow

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Lava Flow
Lava Flow
Lava Flow
Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 2
Stone Heads : 5
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Intermediate

Lava Flow is the second level in Undiscovered Worlds. The player fights the Dakini tribe, but first has to find a way to reach their settlement. On this level, there are scattered totem poles that summon lava, connecting islands.

Starting Speech

"The totems on this land will summon forth a destructive force of nature. Perhaps you can channel this force to help you reach your goal: the destruction of the Dakini."


The player starts on a hill, there is a Totem Pole in the middle which generates a flow of lava down the slope into another Totem Pole. There is another slope going from the hill down to some low flat land.

The lava flow slope goes down the hill to the west into two hills and then into a very small Dakini settlement. Behind that is a very large hill with another Totem Pole which will generate a flow of lava down a slope towards a bigger Dakini village.

There are very small islands with obelisks and Totem Poles on them near blue's base.

Enemy tribes: Dakini

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Totem Pole 1 Lava Flow 3
Totem Pole 1 Lava Flow 5
Totem Pole 1 Lava Flow 4
Stone Head 1 Volcano 4
Obelisk 4 Landbridge 1


On this level the Dakini raid early so you need to build a quick base on the flat land. Start with a central guard tower and build several huts simultaneously around it. Build both a firewarrior hut and a temple. Put your Shaman in the guard tower and charge up blast / lightning to defeat the first attacks.

While building the training huts, take some braves and build guard towers spaced round the shore. Spread your preachers around to catch invisible warriors and put firewarriors in the guard towers to blast the incoming preachers. Then you should be able to fend off attacks easily.

Build lots more huts and train more followers. Build a warrior training hut.

Charge some spells then get 3 or 4 boat loads of followers. Destroy the Dakini's island base. Then go back and make a big army. Worship the stone head which will give you volcano. Then landbridge to the bigger island and worship the totem pole. Then use volcano on the Dakini and send your army in. Use your spells and destroy their base.

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