Death From Above

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Death From Above
Death From Above
Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 2
Stone Heads : 4
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Easy

This is the fifth level in Populous The Beginning and the first timed level. This is the only Single Player level to contain a Gargoyle which is linked to a multiple Angel of Death effect.

Starting Speech

"In my vision I beheld the ultimate horror: the Angel Of Death. It is an unstoppable force that will destroy everything in its path! If my Enemies, the Dakini, reach it before me, our fate is sealed."


The player starts with the Shaman and four Warriors on an island with a Stone Head, a Totem Pole and a Guard Tower. Just north of the island is a very small island with many Wildmen and a Totem Pole.

West of the Totem Pole on the starting island is another island with two blue training huts, a Stone Head and a Totem Pole. The Totem Pole is by a much bigger island with a Dakini village on it that is protecting a Gargoyle.

When the timer reaches zero, the Dakini Shaman will worship the Gargoyle causing the player to lose the level.

Enemy tribes: Dakini

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Stone Head 3 Convert 1
Stone Head 2 Landbridge 1
Totem Pole Landbridge 6
Totem Pole Boat 1
Totem Pole Landbridge 1
Gargoyle 5 immortal Angels of Death


The most common strategy is to send the Shaman to the Guard Tower and one Warrior to the Stone Head. When some Convert spells are ready, convert a few Wildmen on the small island and command them to worship the Totem Pole. A boat will appear where a brave should be sent to pick up the Shaman and three Warriors. Train one Brave and one Warrior into two Preachers using the Temple on the other island. Send them back into the boat and travel around the island with the Dakini village on it until you arrive at the Dakini Warrior Training Hut.

Distract the nearby enemy followers with Swarm then use your followers to guard the Shaman while she worships the Gargoyle. It does not take long to worship it, and once it has been worshipped you can watch the Angel of Death group kill the Dakini Shaman, causing you to win the level.

Alternative Strategy (Harder)

Send your shaman to the Guard Tower and The Warriors to the Stone Head, once you have some convert spells convert wildmans in the island at your left.

Then send all the braves you can via boat to the island where your shaman and warriors are. Worship the Totem Pole, it will cast a Landbridge to the other island, go with all your braves (bring more if you can to the island where the Warrior and Preacher Training Huts are.) And make some huts and train some of your braves to Preachers and Warriors.

Worship the Stone Head at your left, will give you 2 Landbridges. Once you have a few preachers and 2 or 3 more warriors worship the Totem Pole near the Dakini tribe, will give a landbridge up to the Dakini tribe, Kill the troops up the hill and cast a landbridge to the other hill, then kill the enemy Shaman, it´s always in his tower, then cast a landbridge to the hill where the Gargoyle is and worship it with your Shaman.

Be careful with the Dakini troops, that are surely more numerous than yours.

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