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Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 4
Stone Heads : 6
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Medium

This is the eleventh level in Undiscovered Worlds. The objective of the level is to kill all the shamans with limited spells in a time limit. All the shamans lack a Reincarnation Site in this level.

Starting Speech

"Force of numbers is not the only way to victory, shaman. On this world you do not have enough time to destroy your enemy's settlements, instead you must use stealth and cunning to target your enemies' hearts: the shamans. Be very careful, however, for neither you nor your enemies' shamans will be reincarnated after death."


First build a Balloon Hut and make at least one Balloon to transport your shaman, while the Balloon Hut is constructing use your spare braves to construct several huts to increase your population and mana. You should keep blast and swarm charging from now on and any other spells you can afford. When your [[balloon] is ready move your shaman into it and fly to the edge of the Dakini base. You can use blast to knock the Dakini shaman into the water, make sure you don't get hit by her nearby firewarriors. Do the same similar strategy to kill the other two shamans, you may need to use swarm to make their shamans run out of their Guard Towers.

Blue Tribe's strategy

  1. First, convert the wildmen around you and start your village.
  2. Build a Balloon Hut and create one or more balloons.
  3. Send some braves to the Spy Training Hut.
  4. Send your Shaman and one spy to a balloon. Mask the spy to yellow, and also cast the Invisibility spell on him to make him fully undetectable.
  5. Go across the Chumara island to the Chumara Shaman's tower.
  6. Let the spy jump down and match a fire to the Chumara Shaman's tower.
  7. Once the Chumara Shaman runs out, quickly cast the blast spell in front of her, to push her down the cliff and to the water to kill her.
  8. Now, mask your spy to green.
  9. Cast the invisibility spell again to the spy.
  10. Avoid Matak firewarriors to reach the Matak Shaman tower.
  11. Do the same strategy you did with the Chumara: match her tower, then blast her to the water.
  12. Once more, cast the invisibility spell to the spy and mask him to red.
  13. Avoid Dakini firewarriors to reach the Dakini Shaman tower.
  14. Match the tower, blast the queen out of the island, and you should win.
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