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Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 2
Stone Heads : 4
Vault of Knowledges : 1
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Very Hard

Archipelago is the 20th level of Populous: The Beginning. The player will have access to the level by completing level 16: Bloodlust and level 17: Middle Ground. This level unlocks the spell Angel of Death. If the player finishes this level, said spell will be able to be used in the levels 18, 19 and 21, too.

Starting Speech

"I sense the Dakini are preparing for war. I must create more land to build on if I am to increase my forces and face them in battle." <html5media height="720" width="1280"></html5media>


The player starts on a small island. Near blue's base is the big Dakini island where the Dakini have their base. There are many small isles around. One of them has a Stone Head. After worshipping it, a new one will appear on another island and so on for two more times. On the Dakini island the player will find a Vault of Knowledge.

Enemy tribes: Dakini

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Stone Head 1 Landbridge 5
Stone Head 1 Flatten 6
Stone Head 1 Firestorm 7
Stone Head 1 Volcano 8
Vault of Knowledge Angel of Death


On this level you start on an small island and the dakini has the largest island and theirs stone heads everywhere (one per prayed) so start charging land bridge and start connecting to anonymous islands and start building houses and harvest a little and the dakini will send about 4 or 5 boats and use spell: angel of death, so when you connected to islands start building fire warrior training huts and warrior training huts and start building temples and keep watch for the dakini shaman, she could do some earthquakes and some tornado's so once you got some good defence try steal the dakini's vault of knowledge and start using the AOD's alot so you can take out some defences and send some preachers to attack a little and try tornado and do some earthquakes it could take a long time but you can win if you keep attacking the dakini. oh yeah, forgot you don't have an balloon hut.

Alternate Strategy

You have a big disadvantage in this level as you only have a small island,while the Dakini are having a full built and large base. You have enough room to build 4 huts and a Firewarrior Training Hut before running out of space. Build also a Guard Tower west of your Reincarnation Site,there is a small spot on that pleateu where you can build it. Put your shaman in and charge Swarm to kill off the early boat attacks of the Dakini. You should also have some Lightning shots in order to kill the Dakini shaman. Turn off Convert as soon as you have converted all wildmen on your island and begin to charge Landbridge. Use it to connect to the isles northeast and southeast of your base. They have plenty of trees. From there,you can use landbridge on the coast or build more connections towards your starting island and so form new land and expand your base. As soon as Swarm and Lightning are charged,steal a boat from the Dakini and travel to their island. Use Lightning to destroy the towers,then turn it off and use Blast to defend yourself from enemy warriors. Then pray at the Vault of Knowledge in order to gain the Angel of Death. Don't use it yet,but save it until the Dakini cast one in order to be quickly able to destroy it. Now you won't be attacked for some time,so charge Flatten to expand your pleateu into the direction of the Dakini and build towers on it. Gradually use Landbridge and Flatten to expand your base and build a Warrior Hut and a Temple in the newly gained land. Start to train preachers and warriors and let them patrol in the north of your island as the Dakini will start attacking there. Now use landbridge to connect to the island south of you and from there connect towards the isle with the Stone Head. Pray at it and leave your shaman there to defend from enemy attackers. Praying at the Stone Head will trigger another stone head and so on for two additional times. However,the third stone head will cast Firestorm on your praying followers and a Volcano at the fourth stone head's place. Use landbridge to lower the mountain and pray at the stone head in order to get the Volcano spell. Then train an attack force,cast the Angel of Death and connect towards the Dakini island and destroy them.

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