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Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 2
Stone Heads : 3
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Medium

Aftermath is the first level in Undiscovered Worlds.

Starting Speech

"Acolyte, many of my old enemies still rule over their tribes. I can aid you in the beginning of your quest but beyond that you must prove your own worth if you would sit on my right."


Blue's starting base is positioned on a medium sized island with a circular ridge that can be climbed running around the west side. On this ridge, there is an obelisk granting a landbridge to the Stone Head south of the player's base. The Stone Head grants several Tornado spells. The east part of blue's base closest to the Dakini settlement has an Obelisk surrounded by many trees. This Obelisk landbridges blue's base to the Dakini base. The Dakini base features two Guard Towers on the west side on hills followed by their base which stretches to the east on a larger island.

At the beginning of the level the Shaman from the original game (now in god form) casts a wide array of dangerous spells on the Dakini base to weaken it greatly for a while.


Begin building a base as usual which includes the training huts and as many huts as you can fit. Build your buildings close to each other due to lack of space.

As you build up your base, pray at the Obelisk on the ridge west of your base then get the Tornado spell shots from the Stone Head that you now have access too.

It is important to note that the Dakini cannot attack you until you pray at the Obelisk closest to their base since they do not have access to your island in any way. The Dakini Shaman however, who patrols in a predictable pattern around her base, will occasionally head to the west end of her base to cast some spells on your followers, including Swarm and Lightning. Have your Shaman ready to eliminate her when she approaches the southwest hill of her base.

Once you build up a large army consisting of your Shaman, warriors, preachers, and firewarriors, pray at the last Obelisk near the Dakini base and attack. Make sure you target the Dakini Shaman as soon as possible, as she will prove quite dangerous. Use your spells wisely but not too sparingly and victory should be yours.

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