Journey's End

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Journey's End
Journey's End
Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 4
Stone Heads : 0
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Very Hard

Starting Speech

"I sense that our struggle is nearly at an end. The final battle awaits!"


You start off on a small part of a very large landmass with enough trees and some wildmen,who will however die off very quick. To the north is the Matak tribe on a large island with high ground in the middle. To the east and west there are narrow paths that lead both to the biggest part of the landmass. They can be easily sunk with Erode or Flatten. The two paths lead to the Chumara settlement. The Chumara settlement is separated by the Dakini settlement by a mountain region to the north but can be accessed by the south. The Dakini settlement has lots of high ground,too. All of your enemies start with fully built bases,you start with three large huts.


This level is quite hard at the beginning as you don't have a base,but your enemies have. Quickly start by building the three major training huts and some huts. Train warriors and preachers early on as the Matak will cast Landbridge just after the beginning towards your settlement. In order to avoid them,you can build a Boat Hut at the place where the Matak cast their landbridge. This will hold them off for the moment. Shortly afterwards the Chumara will attack,followed by the Dakini. Build towers at the narrow paths towards your base so you can fend off their attacks. Put firewarriors into the towers as this might throw your enemies into the water. The Chumara will attack with Tornados and Earthquakes right at the beginning,so you will have to be even more careful. Charge Erode and cast it on both paths and you won't be attacked by land. Begin to train many firewarriors now as the Matak will frequently use the Angel of Death. Build towers on the southwestern coast in order to defend against Dakini attacks by boat. Although the Dakini are usually the strongest tribe,they get pretty damaged by the Chumara after some time as they will cast Volcanos on their settlement. Increase your own building land by casting flatten and landbridges on the coast and increase your population. Begin to train an attack force and attack the Matak. Another trick that may work is by casting Angels of Death if you have enough mana. There is a high possibility that they may destroy the Matak by themselves if they destroy huts and kill their braves as they will send many braves into their Firewarrior Training Hut and thus stop rebuilding their huts. After the Matak are destroyed,build a Balloon Hut and start building balloons. Sometimes the Chumara Volcanos may destroy the Dakini Firewarrior Training Hut and the Dakini will not rebuild it. Use this advantage to destroy the Dakini with firewarriors in balloons and your shaman. The last tribe left standing are the Chumara. Train a big attack force now,cast landbridge towards their base and attack them. Use your spells in order to defeat the defenders and then go in with your attack force and defeat the Chumara to win the level.

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