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Populous: Anthology is a Populous 3 single player campaign, consisting on gathering some of the hardest levels from created campaigns. Compiled by user:Divinity ( Popre Divinity on October 2017. It is meant to be played if you have experience, because most levels are rather hard. This campaign consists on gathering the hardest levels from all the campaigns created until 2017. Even if difficulty is rather subjective, overall this levels are some of the most challenging ones created so far by our community scripters and designers! Notice that Age of Chaos is not included, as most of its hardest levels exploit bugs or glitches, and there is a change in the constant file, so i decided not to pick from there. Many levels from Path of the GodChosen would be picked aswell, but because that campaign is hard also because the constant file is changed, i only picked some levels from there (where the constant file does not matter that much). This said, normal constant is used in this anthology. Normal data file too. This campaign is story line ignored.


Populous: Anthology

Compiled by: Divinity

Difficulty: medium+ to very hard


Compilation of 25+1 hard levels from many different campaigns.


Welcome to some of the hardest levels created for single player! All the 25 levels (+1 bonus level) are rather challenging, so if you are a new player, do not try to play this for now. For a complete campaign experience (with storyline, textures, etc), play a regular campaign. This is a populous hard level anthology, and will only offer you random hard levels to play.

Credits to everyone who created this maps.

PopMG team

user:Divinity - General idea, level's and scritp's compiling, language file editor.

Download PopTR at: Divinity cloud. It's called "Populous: Anthology".

Good luck!

List of levels

Populous: Anthology Levels

1- No turning back --> Tikals Journey

2- Protection --> The Order System

3- Endless Bind --> Path of the GodChosen

4- Fractured Earth --> Original Worlds

5- Heaven --> The Order System

6- Behind the Mountains --> Path of the GodChosen

7- Helm's Deep --> Another Journey

8- Fractured Earth --> Anniversary 107b

9- Fire in the mist --> War for Survival

10- The Beginning --> War for Survival

11- Treacherous Souls --> JC Worlds

12- Snowy Crisis --> Another Journey

13- Archipelago --> War for Survival

14- Rescue --> The Order System

15- Incarcerated --> Anniversary 107b

16- Journey's End --> Anniversary 107b

17- Island Assault --> Standalone Level

18- Strongholds --> Path of the GodChosen

19- Abyss --> The Order System

20- The Beginning --> Anniversary 107b

21- Aerial Bombardment --> War for Survival

22- Fallen Angel --> Path of the GodChosen

23- Inferno --> Anniversary 107b

24- Journey's End --> War for Survival

25- The Chaos Begin --> The Order System

Bonus Level - Unseen Enemy --> War for Survival (to play this level click "tutorial" in the main menu)