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Nickname: Divinity

Country: Portugal

Popre ID: Popre Divinity

Divinity is a member of the Popre community since 2005/2006's (under the nickname Nask) who also played on Populous Resurrection match maker.

Had original account deleted by Kiyana to start a new one (around Feb/March 2009)

Brothers - Snak and Skylo. Neighbours - Nici and Apcs

Some Past Clans - TGW ( The Great Wall ), xXx ( Extreme X Xiphias , owned by his brother Skylo ), AVA ( Avenging Angels ), PiG ( Pig ) DT ( Dragon Team ), GoD ( The Gods of Destruction ), Divinity's Slaves

Actual Clan - owner of Divinity's Slaves ( Popre Clan Site )

Owner of Populous3 Tutorials - popre thread at Populous3 Tutorials Thread ).

Creator of some campaigns:

  • Countdown Challenge, a campaign where you have to hurry and finish the enemy tribes before the timer reaches the end (you usually don't get attacked, unless you go too close).
  • Populous: Mini Games, and is one of the smallest Populous campaign available - on can actually beat all the 25 levels in less than 45 minutes, if you never lose. All the levels have a timer, but most of them are really easy and small (average of 3 minutes per level!).
  • Race Challenge, where the shaman has to go through 25 fast levels before the timer ends. It was released March 2018.
  • Populous: Tower Defense, yet be released, consists of 25 levels where you, with the help from your shaman skills, have to kill all the intruders before they reach your territory!
  • Populous: Anthology is also a project by Divinity, which consists on gathering some of the most challenging levels and creating a very hard campaign with 25+1 bonus level(s).
  • He also started the project "community campaign" (popre thread link), where, with the help of 4 other players, a new campaign was created (Forge of Fates).
  • Populous: The Rescue, yet to be released.
  • Contributor to The Seasons , a gathering of 4 themed 12 level campaigns (winter, autumn, summer, spring).
  • Mini Golf, a small mod where the user plays golf.
  • Strange Journey, a modded 12 level single-campaign facing the magenta tribe.

Download campaigns, standalone levels and offline utilities here Cloud.

Creator of 4 online mappacks:

  • Shamania Worlds 1: Teleporting Wars where the players fight each other in blast or light arenas (2v2 or ffa)
  • Arena Worlds , with the same concept, but consisting of arena fights, 1v1 or 2v2, with mixes of blasts lights and ghost army, depending on the map
  • Shamania Worlds 2: Christmas Battles, with a modified constant (shaman moves faster, has more hp, some spells are modified, etc), where the players can have fun in blast fights, light wars, or terrain modifier battles
  • Shamania Worlds 3: Cult of Invisibility, a Beta mappack, where the players fight each other in free for all arenas (blast only), having customized shaman sprites (fireballs), and swapping between visible and invisibile

Original creator of "island levels", later releasing two mappack for PopRe consisting in only "Island Levels" (16 in total for the first pack, and 16 more for 2nd pack). That mappacks are called Challenge Worlds and Challenge Worlds II.


  • creator of the facebook page Populous3 Entertainment
  • member of the Populous Reincarnated Improvement Council, being a Beta Tester and giving ideas/help.
  • staff on popre's discord.
  • Populous Reincarnated Tournament Admin.

- God of Craters 2016 Tournament ( God of Craters 2016 thread )

- Demi-Gods Tournament 2016 ( Demi-Gods Tournament 2016 thread)

- King of Face Off 2017 Winter Cup ( King of Face Off 2017 WinterCup )

- King of Pressure Point (yggdrasil) Tournament ( King of PPyggdrasil )

- Populous 20th Birthday Tournament ( Populous 20th Birthday Tournament )

- Populous Covid-19 Tournament ( Populous Covid-19 Tournament )

  • Winner of the first popre official tournament: 2017 Master of the Arena (by Sub_Zero).
  • Admin of the Populous Gallery, so you can send him your picture, to update the site.
  • Member of the PopMod team popmod site.
  • Manager of Populous Reincarnated official facebook page.
  • Creator of the Populous Textures Page, for easy checking the textures before installing.
  • PopRe wiki contributor.

To contact Divinity, send a message on the matchmaker, or to his Populous facebook account.