Shamania Worlds 3: Cult of Invisibility

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Shamania Worlds 3: Cult of Invisibility
Creators : Divinity, Toxicity
Modifications : (beta) custom sprites, invisibility, texture swapper, score UI
Number of Levels : 6
Level 01: Dont Sneeze
Level 02: Witchcraft
Level 03: Wheel of Time
Level 04: Devils Playground
Level 05: Parody
Level 06: Zombie Lake

Shamania Worlds 3: Cult of Invisibility is a early 2020 beta Populous mappack by user:Divinity and user:Toxicity (lua scripting) , and the first released beta mappack. It's not a regular map where the player build, but aimed to be played with shaman only (free for all blast fight). The game is unranked even if the player doesn't pick the unranked option, and ends whenever one of the 8 players win 5 rounds. It features 8 tribes (ffa blast fight), customized shaman sprites (swapping between fireball and invisible), texture swapping (on the final round), and scores user interface (by pressing TAB).

It's the first Shamania Pack, the second being Shamania Worlds 2: Christmas Battles, and the third being Shamania Worlds 3: Cult of Invisibility.

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