Shamania Worlds 2: Christmas Battles

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Shamania Worlds 2: Christmas Battles
Creators : Divinity
Modifications : modified constant
Number of Levels : 6
Level 01: Deadly Candy Canes(tvb)
Level 02: Down the Chimney(ffa)
Level 03: Elf Battles
Level 04: Gift Delivery(tvb)
Level 05: Sinking North Pole(ffa)
Level 06: Santa Claus Reindeer

Shamania Worlds 2: Christmas Battles is a late 2015 Populous mappack by user:Divinity . It's not a regular map where you can build, it's aimed to be played with shaman only and, depending on the level you pick, you will play dangerous but fun 2v2 or ffa battles of lights, blasts, in land or in boats, inside arenas and mazes, or you can play the terrain modifier battles level. The game is unranked even if you don't pick the unranked option, and it's intended to be played with 10 shaman lives. This set of maps is good to practise your shaman skills while having fun, and it's specially amusing since the constant is modified and the shaman moves really fast, has more hp, and the spells are have modified range and other attributes.

It's the second Shamania pack, the first being Shamania Worlds 1: Teleporting Wars, and the third being Shamania Worlds 3: Cult of Invisibility.


- shaman speed increased to 150

- blast range increased to 15000 - lightning range decreased to 1700 - earthquake range increased to 11500 - erode range increased to 14000 - ghost army range increased to 8500 - flatten range increased to 12000 - teleport range decreased to 25000 - firestorm range increased to 10000 - angel of death range increased to 9000 - landbridge range increased to 8000

- shaman maximum health increased to 30000

- landbridge avaliable slots descreased to 2 - flatten avaliable slots increased to 4 - erode avaliable slots increased to 5 - ghost army avaliable slots decreased to 2 - earthquake avaliable slots decreased to 1 - teleport avaliable slots decreased to 1 - firestorm avaliable slots decreased to 1

- angel of death kill count decreased to 2 - angel of death duration decreased to 500

- tree ammounts decreased to 300 - tree grow rates increased and decreased

- landbridge duration decreased to 4 - landbridge max change increased to 512

- firestorm duration decreased to 10


version 1.1 - removed some bugs, and did small changes.

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