Shamania Worlds 1: Teleporting Wars

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Shamania Worlds 1: Teleporting Wars
Creators : Divinity
Modifications : None
Number of Levels : 6
Level 01: Blastmania 1-Chaos
Level 02: Blastmania 2-Havoc
Level 03: Blastmania 3-Disorder
Level 04: Lightmania 1-Punishment
Level 05: Lightmania 2-Destruction
Level 06: Lightmania 3-Aniquilation

Shamania Worlds 1: Teleporting Wars is a late 2013 Populous mappack by user:Divinity , and his first mappack. It's not a regular map where you can build, it's aimed to be played with shaman only and, depending on the level you pick, you can play either 2v2 or ffa - blasts or light arenas. The game is unranked even if you don't pick the unranked option, and can be played either with a timer (most shaman kills), just for fun (and ally up when bored), or with shaman lives (5 or 10 shaman lives). This set of maps is good to practice you shaman skills, either with blast or lights, or just to pass the time and have some fun! This mappack can be very fun because everytime a player dies, he will worship a statue and all the players will randomly be moved to another arena to fight again.

It's the first Shamania Pack, the second being Shamania Worlds 2: Christmas Battles, and the third being Shamania Worlds 3: Cult of Invisibility.


30/9/2013 - Sha(Mania) Worlds Released 4/11/2013 - mapack updated: 1.1 released

1.2 version - fixed some arenas, removed most swamps, remaining swamps are triggered.

1.4 version - players start with 4 shamans, 3 on water that die at start and 1 on land. this makes players not to pray with the starting 2 shamans like before, as they only have 1 starting shaman. Changed the pack name.

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