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Members : Bockwurstlaune, Gambit, Apocalipto, Syndra, Bolt, Maharaja, Spiderpig, Cerdus, Saitanko
Leaders : Nici
Tag : [PIG]
Founded : 1st version: October 2012; current version: December 2014

Pig is a Populous 3 pro clan.

Its creators: Nici and Divinity, The Ourém Swinery.

PIG 1 October 2012 - December 2012

PIG 2 June 2013 - July 2013

PIG 3 December 2014 - ?

Last PIG version members:

  • Cerdus the argentinian pig
  • Bockwurstlaune the german pig
  • Gambit the american pig
  • Saitanko the english pig
  • apocalipto the brazilian pig
  • Bolt the indian pig
  • MahaRaja the indian pig
  • Syndra the english pig
  • Spiderpig the english pig

Pig Website

Pig Forums

Short story:

Two players, widely known in the matchmaker, known as Divinity and Nici once combined in October 2012 to make a clan, Nici left Royal Widows, Divinity was clanless, the clan was PIG, how did the PIG term become so famous amongst us? We don't exactly know as well, it somehow came up, the clan started back in October 2012, precisely on 3 October 2012 entitled as "1st try for PIG".

The clan wasn't accepted due to improvement problems, maybe related to the site and on 13 October 2012 we tried again, this time entitled as "2nd try to make PIG in". With no luck, PIG was rejected, and there were some more improvements to the site, because that was the main problem, forums were fine! On the 19 October 2012, PIG manages to have 10 votes again, but it was yet again in the CA server time, rejected, it was desperation everywhere, everyone wanted the clan to be accepted, this 3rd try was entitled as "Clan gets 10 votes but?", As you can see there was a doubt, we were in doubt whether it would be accepted or not. Yet, in the next day, in the 4th try, we had 10 votes, just in one day, this time entitled as "Ok. Revenge!.... to zero again", but yet again it was rejected in CA server time, it was the last plot.. We were all pissed off, until we finally tried last time, and we promissed if it didn't work we would just give up, because the administration was screwing us up. The 5th try finally worked and I myself could classify the website as decent as well, I was proud. On the 23 October 2012, PIG was oficially accepted, and we all comemorated in the mud and our swinery!

PIG this time finished somewhere in December the 20, being widely regarded as one of the best clans in history, only within 2 months!

On 28 June 2013, PIG was remade, but it finished on 14th July, becoming a total flop, but it broke a record, it was the fastest clan to ever be made, since its creation to its activation - 1 day.

Some of our PIG ex-members: October 2012 Version: Divinity, Hermione, Spinnifix, Jamie, Rousfv, Sinterbaardaap, Samurai-murachi, Chimeradark Vulnerability, Kosjak, PK, Kashdan, Gabe

June 2013 Version:Bolt, Ureh, Sham, Pietjuh, Damn, Lord_of_the_faq, Elleran_Elvis(TheChosenOne), Kingbradley, Shawsey, Thegrox1111(GyLala999), BlazingJijo

Find more about Pig at the by asking on the matchmaker.