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Nici is a pop player. hes rank 1 atm but hes like wildman- skill, yep that's true

Nici started under the name "Mogue" in 24 October 2008 and played about 5 games, 5 points!!, but there was only 1 professional computer at home so his brother played instead until he himself quit pop too, he has always loved to play populous and when i started i already knew how to play a bit just needed technique, and he's proud to be a Portuguese guy who didn't quit pop and never gave up etc

He currently makes an unbeatable team with his fellow bad mate Divinity, they've became widely known for being pigs and adapting it elsewhere, they play a lot of narrow passage but they can play other maps just fine and win as well, that's not a big deal.

His first clan was TLL from August to January (august 2009-january 2010)

He started pop with 12 and his first pro clan was The Gods of Destruction, he joined in April 2010, but left some weeks after to join Legacy(LG), LG died 20 days later and he applied back to GoD, being given a chance as a full member immediately.

At December 2010 Ric told him to join DT and went on to him on a PP match with 1 hour and 30 minutes to talk about everything in populous and Nici left GoD to join DT.

DT times were fantastic with people like Kidd, Shao, Keith, Shadow, Wiggles and much more i don't remember now

In June 2011 he left DT suddenly to join TDM, he eventually became recruit but then was rejected, due to some grudges held by Fonsi and some others who didn't agree that he should join, he saw the other recruit mates(Delax and Karma be accepted), Nici was kicked from TDM.

Nici started becoming known as "pro" since the time he joined Royal Widows, December 2011, he left almost a year after in October 2012, those were fantastic times. Nici nowadays still says he should have never left Rw and that Rw is his home, he regreted leaving and he discussed that he desered a 2nd chance, and that everyone makes mistakes, but he wasn't allowed in.

In october 2012 he creates pig along Divinity but Nici himself kills pig 2 months later, December 2012.

In June 2013 he recreated pig but it only lasted till the middle of July. (around 18 days, but it was the fastest clan to be created = 1 day)

Somewhat on July 2013 he joined AvA and helped breaking the records of most points in a month, making it somewhere at 1170, beating GoD's and xXx's, back in 2008. AvA ended 2 months later but Nici left AvA before it died, Spiderpig went inactive shortly before.

He left AvA and joined GoD, Carnificin helped him in and Divinity eventually joined, in October, Nici left 1 month later in November but Divinity remained there.

In January 2014 he joined Tsuyoshi's clan, The Absolutes and remained there until 13 December 2014, being the longest clan Nici has ever been in.

He used to manage PIG, as of 15 December and on, but it later died. He is currently the owner of OverPowered clan (OP) He misses being in a pro clan, but he feels that there is no need for that to have fun and play the game well nowadays.

Nici has participated in some tourneys, winning most:

  • 1st prize 2011 Craters Tournament
  • 1st prize 2013 Blast Skills Tourney
  • 1st prize 2013 GoG Fo
  • 1st prize 2014 Blast skills TAS internal Tourney
  • 1st prize 2015 Tow on Two Tourney
  • 1st prize 2016 God of Craters Tourney
  • 2nd Prize 2016 King of Face Off Tourney
  • 1st prize 2017 King of Pressure Point (yggdrasil) Tourney

Targets to beat: Orange and solely Orange.

Divinity is someone he'd like to kill in 10 mins