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Level 01: "Straight Path"
Level 07: "Diagonal Climbing"
Level 15: "Echoes"
Level 20: "Race of Punctuality"

Populous: Race Challenge is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 25 original levels, created by user:Divinity, in March 2018. It is a Flash campaign (smaller single player sp, usually of either simple levels or really short ones, using unorthodox methods of playing Populous, instead of the regular build -> attack -> destroy opponent settlements). The levels are races, usually not too long to pass, but not always easy.


Populous: Race Challenge

Made by: Divinity

Difficulty: There are two versions: One easier, the other harder. Still, both require Populous knowledge and shaman management of decently high level


There is no storyline, you have to win 24 planets and the star level (sun), and each level will present a new race (using your shaman only). It requires good shaman mechanics, and knowledge.


Each level present a different scenario with new obstacles. How will you outcome the difficulties of each planet? You will need game knowledge, tricks, good shaman mechanics and speed skill.

PopRC team

user:Divinity - General idea, Levels creator, Scripting, Language file, levels tester.

List of levels

Populous: Race Challenge

Related Links

Download PopRC at: Divinity cloud. It's called "Populous: Race Challenge". There are two: you can either try the easier or the harder version (only the timers change in between versions).

Mirror Download (Easier) Link

Mirror Download (Harder) Link

You can find a full playthrough on youtube at: Race Challenge playthrough.

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