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Level 01: "Trophy"
Level 06: "Fire Hazard"

Populous: The Summoning - Episode II is small a Populous 3 single player pack with 8 original levels, created by user:Toxicity. This campaign offers a storyline, and a rather moderate difficulty, with some curve. It uses original scripts that provide an interesting journey. This campaign is the sequel to The_Summoning_I.

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Populous: The Summoning - Ep.2

Made by: Toxicity

Difficulty: Average to Hard-


On the first Summoning Episode, the Blue tribe has been summoned by Matak's shaman, to defend their home against intruders (Dakini and Chumara). The player is promised to be rewarded with a planet to rule over, if they help their new allies, the Matak. This episode is the following story, the conquest of the last 8 planets!


In this campaign, the player usually has a rather small arsenal of spells/Buildings, that will expand a tiny bit, as the player moves through the solar system. Good level design, scripts, and also have original content ensures that this pack is great explore for any Populous fan! The player starts with a shot of swamp on all levels, but casting it makes blue tribe cursed somehow.

Mana lost on death: 25% -> 100%

Mana gain on enemy Shaman kill: 25% -> 1%

Tornado spell charges: 3 -> 2

Lightning spell charges: 4 -> 3

Blast cost: 10,000 -> 15,000

Convert cost: 10,000 -> 15,000

Tornado cost: 90,000 -> 105,000

Lightning cost: 80,000 -> 90,000

Swamp max. number of kills: 10 -> 5

Bloodlust max. number of affected people: 6 -> 3

Bloodlust damage multiplier: 3x -> 2x

Bloodlust health multiplier: 3x -> 2x

PopTS2 team

user:Toxicity - General idea, Scripting, Design, Language, and everything else.

List of levels

Populous: The Summoning - Episode II

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