The Order System

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Level 01: "The Order Begins"
Level 10: "Rescue"
Level 14: "Sinking Land"
Level 20: "Heaven"

Populous: The Order System is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 25 levels, created by user:zcw453085452. The levels are usually quite hard, meant for experienced players. This campaign has some really difficulty levels, and many levels are built in a puzzle way, so you should expect anything. Even though every single level is based on the original levels, they are changed, both script and terrain-wise. You can recognize the levels from the original game, but this ones are distorted and way more challenging. This campaign has some of the hardest levels out there, so be ready!


Populous: The Order System

Made by: zcw453085452

Difficulty: hard- to hard+


It’s a pack of 25 levels, based on The Beginning levels, but with huge changes to make the levels challenging. They have no storyline, but have planet titles and dialog boxes at the start of each level. Only experienced players will be able to overcome all the levels.


Well made scripts will ensure challenging and fun levels. The player requires to solve puzzles, finding solution to many problems. Requires high mechanics and game knowledge, having some of the hardest Populous levels ever created.

PopToS team

user:zcw453085452 - General idea, Levels Editing, Scripting, language editing, levels tester.

List of levels

Populous: The Order System

01- The Order Begins

02- Strenght with Blood

03- Atlantis

04- Follow me my Followers

05- Drown into the Lava

06- Rush

07- Land has Feeling

08- Totem World

09- Snipe Angels

10- Rescue

11- Collect Power

12- A R M A G E D D O N

13- Protection

14- Sinking Land

15- Swift Action

16- Blood for Blood

17- Gone Forever

18- The Remix

19- Passive War

20- Heaven

21- Abyss

22- The World

23- Obelisk

24- The Last Disaster

25- The Order System, The Chaos Begin

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