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Level 01: "The Summoning"
Level 03: "New Enemy"

Populous: The Summoning - Episode I is small a Populous 3 single player pack with 5 original levels, created by user:Toxicity. This campaign offers a storyline, and a rather moderate difficulty, with some curve. It uses original scripts that provide an interesting journey. This campaign has a sequel - The Summoning II.


Populous: The Summoning - Ep.1

Made by: Toxicity

Difficulty: Average to Hard-


The Blue tribe has been summoned by Matak's shaman, to defend their home against intruders (Dakini and Chumara). The player is promised to be rewarded with a planet to rule over, if they help their new allies, the Matak.


In this campaign, the player usually has a rather small arsenal of spells/Buildings. Good level design, scripts, and also have original content ensures that this pack is great explore for any Populous fan!

PopTS1 team

user:Toxicity - General idea, Scripting, Design, Language, and everything else.

List of levels

Populous: The Summoning - Episode I

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