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Level 01: "The Voyage Begins"
Level 03: "Preacher Panic"
Level 07: "Dakini's Prison"
Level 09: "Azula's Stronghold"

Populous: Katara's Voyage is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 10 original levels, created by user:Impboy, with the help of Snipe and Blacksheepp. It's first version has been revamped, and now there is a Tikal's Journey Remastered version. This campaign offers a good storyline, with a similar difficulty to the official bullfrog's campaign. It uses original scripts, textures, language file and even the main lobby screen is new. Along with Odd Worlds, it's the only 10 level campaign.


Populous: Katara's Voyage

Made by: Impboy

Difficulty: easy+ to average


It’s a 10 levels long campaign with strong storyline. The plot is related to the Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

It was a time of peace after the Avatar defeated Fire Lord Ozai and ended the war. It's now 5 years later, and the gang had already went back to their home nations. Katara decided to let Aang stay with her brother at the Southern Water Tribe. It was then she started to feel weird. The first night when they got back, she felt a severe burning sensation all over her body, but no marks or redness at all appeared when it happened.

The next day, she told her brother and Aang about her sudden symptom, and they quickly responded, "You are the next to become a God." Katara was suprised what they said about her because she didn't know she decended from the shamans before that became gods themselves. After they figured out she was the next shaman to become a god, the enemy tribes came out of the shadows and started to attack the nations. Katara immediately knew who the tribes were, but then something clouded her; the enemy tribes decided to spell their names backwards to confuse any new shaman descendant. Katara now knew what she must do, restore balance to the world, and the universe from the enemy tribes.

Level 1 & 2 - Intro

Level 3 & 4 - Earth Nation

Level 5 & 6 - Water Nation

Level 7 & 8 - Air Nation

Level 9 & 10 - Fire Nation

This campaign offers an easy+ to average difficulty.


In this campaign you unlock random spells as you move through the solar system (but mostly by ascending order). There are new exciting level textures, and an Avatar storyline. Well made scripts will ensure this adventure will be enjoyable.

PopKV team

user:Impboy - Level design, scripting, storyline

user:Devilhu - Terrain Styles

user:Deszike - Uploading

List of levels

Populous: Katara's Voyage

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