War of the Gods

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War of the Gods is a Populous 3 cooperative campaign (multiplayer Coop vs AI) with 25 levels, created by user:Impboy and user:MrKosjaK, in 2020. It is the first cooperative campaign, where blue and red tribes (humans) fight the other tribes. Because it uses BETA, there are up to 8 tribes per level. The campaign unlocks spells progressively (like in The Beginning ), and the levels are also very similar to the vanilla version. Difficulty wise, it is also similar to the original campaign, even though later levels are harder. This campaign can be played through the matchmaker:

  • Join a hut with your partner
  • The host should enable beta and select the mappack "War of the Gods" (part 1 or 2, depending)
  • Launch the game, and selecting the option "enable computer players" in pre-game setup

Read a tutorial here.


Populous: War of the Gods

Made by: Impboy / Kosjak

Difficulty: Easy to Hard


There is no storyline - blue and dakini tribes must defeat all the others.

  • Beautiful new 25 levels to discover!
  • Every level has it's own terrain design!
  • Using a new efficient scripting engine known as Script4 (LUA) for new tribes!
  • Difficulty is easy-medium in most early levels!
  • Bushes:

A new scenery that acts same as tree, has 2 types: small & large.

Large bushes grow slightly faster and they also contain 2 woods unlike small bushes.

Bushes available only after the 11th level.


The gameplay is very similar to The Beginning's gameplay: easy noticeable on many levels, including level 5 (praying for gargoyle AoD); level 10 (base eroded by enemy); level 15 (shamans in prison); level 22 (shaman only level); level 25 (god mode), etc...

PopWOTG team




  • TheGabber/IncaWarrior/KhickMan/RedWarrior/MiniBot_UK/Listener/Riffretro/D4DA/Macca/Luke - for epic moral support
  • Brandan - for epic beta updates
  • SQDeviator - for annoying impboy
  • Divinity - double moral supporter/coinflipper
  • ALACN - for alacns epic world editor
  • Toxicity - for making network in alacns epic world editor
  • Nazrea - for completing tutorial
  • Impboy - for epic collaboration/scripting/graphics
  • Lucas - for asking how many levels we finished
  • Babo/Sub_Zero/Lovenji - for playing it

List of levels

Populous: War of the Gods

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Download PopWOTG here. This campaign isn't meant to be downloaded/installed manually - launch it through the matchmaker.

You can find a full playthrough on youtube at:

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