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Level 01: "The Journey Continues"
Level 02: "Aftermath"
Level 06: "Thar Desert"
Level 09: "Limbo"

Populous: Multiverse is a Populous 3 single player campaign, with 25 original levels, created by user:Toxicity. It is the first campaign to be extremely modified (by DLL injection). This campaign offers a very nice storyline, and a moderate to very hard difficulty. It uses original scripts that provide an interesting journey, and it is the first campaign to use DLL injection, which allows many things: the player can expect modified constants in between levels, special events through triggers, new object models, building models and scenery, modified stuff (shamans with bloodlust/magical shield, AoD riding shamans, etc)!

This campaign requires the Multiverse Launcher to work properly.

Watch the trailer here.


Populous: Multiverse

Made by: Toxicity

Difficulty: Average+ to Very Hard


After trying to find all the ancient tablets scattered around the planetary system, the last tablet being believed to be locked away inside the Sun's core, Nyx bitterly discovers that the journey has only just begun. You are the Watcher, the mystical force that guides Nyx and her tribe. Help Nyx throughout all 25 levels, so that she can finally ascend as a goddess.


This campaign features some unique gameplay, such as new scenery and building/objects models, unit powers/stances... For the first time, the player can experience things that are not available in the main [Populous:_The_Beginning|Populous: The Beginning] game.



New UI

25 levels

New Models

New Sprites

New Tribe Colors, 8 in total

Boss Battle System (Lv. 20, 24)

7 Achievements, 3 different tiers

3 different difficulties; Easy, Normal, Hard

Moongate Spell - customizable spell, player only

New Spells -- custom, Multiplayer Only, Forge Worlds

Launcher with customizable settings (60fps, Resolution Changer, Toggle Hotkey, etc.)

New Challenges/Mechanics

Bloodlust, Invisibility, Magical Shield on Shamans

Water/Terrain switch mechanic

Ghost/Normal state switch mechanic

Flying Shamans

PopM team

user:Toxicity - Design, scripting

List of levels

Populous: Multiverse

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Divinity cloud. It's called "Populous Multiverse".

["insert taity's link" Mirror Download Link]

(!! Requires Multiverse Launcher !!)

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