Tikal's Journey

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Level 01: "No Turning Back"
Level 09: "Island Hopping"
Level 18: "Matak Alcatraz"
Level 22: "Volcanic Angels"

Populous: Tikal's Journey is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 25 original levels, created by user:Impboy, with the help of Snipe and Blacksheepp. It's first version has been revamped, and now there is a Tikal's Journey Remastered version. This campaign offers a good storyline, with a similar difficulty to the official bullfrog's campaign. It uses original scripts, textures, language file and even the main lobby screen is new.


Populous: Tikal's Journey

Made by: Impboy

Difficulty: Average+


It tells a story of Tikal, who was a part of an ancient tribe Knuckles descended from on Angel Island and was the daughter of chief Pachacamac. She's a peace keeper and wanted her father to stop his selfish and greedy deeds and have peace with the other tribes. She now resides in the Master Emerald along with Chaos to make sure nobody releases Chaos from the emerald. This campaign offers an average+ difficulty, similar to the official campaign by Bullfrog, but mostly a bit harder.


In this campaign you unlock spells as you move through the solar system. There are new exciting level textures, and a good story line. Well made scripts will ensure this adventure will be epic.

PopTJ team

user:Impboy - General idea, Levels creator, Textures, Scripting, Storyline, levels tester.

user:Snipe - Level design

user:Blacksheepp - Level design, scripting, testing

List of levels

Populous: Tikal's Journey

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