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Level 02: "Failed Return Home"
Level 05: "Prison Island"
Level 07: "Island of Doom"
Level 24: "Stairway to the stars"

Populous: Age of Chaos is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 25 original levels, created by user:King_Warg. It is the first fan made campaign to be released. This campaign offers a good storyline, and it is harder than the official bullfrog's campaign. It uses original scripts, some new models and textures, and even the main lobby screen is new. To be played in Hardware mode, you will notice different colors, which can be tough to tell apart (especially from worldview). This campaign was a breakthrough for early Populous modding, being considered impossible by some players, back then, duo to some very challenging levels.


Populous: Age of Chaos

Made by: King_Warg

Difficulty: Average to Hard


In this campaign you don't unlock spells as you move through the solar system - it's rather random. There are new exciting level textures, tribe colors and a good story line. Well made scripts will ensure this adventure will be epic. On the other hand, some peculiar levels will test the player's ability to use tricks, glitches, and be patient.

PopAoC team

user:King_Warg - General idea, Levels creator, Textures, Scripting, Storyline.

List of levels

Populous: Age of Chaos

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