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Level 01: "Descendants"
Level 05: "Zealots"

Populous: Ascension - Chapter One is small a Populous 3 single player campaign, with 10 original levels, created by user:Toxicity and user:Zyraw. This campaign offers a clear storyline and dialogue, and a moderate to hard difficulty, with ascending curve. It uses original scripts that provide an interesting journey, and it is the first campaign to use personalized in game soundtrack. With a new type of scripting and dll injection, it allows special events, new objects, building models and scenery to create an even better experience!

This campaign requires the Multiverse Launcher to work (version 2.1 or greater).

It is meant to be the first of 3 chapters.

In July 18, 2023, the remastered version of this campaign was released, along with the Multiverse Launcher v3.6.0. It features a new unit type (archers), an art gallery with tribal murals and lore, and branching story paths. Read more about it here, or watch the trailer.


Populous: Ascension - Chapter One

Made by: Toxicity, Zyraw

Difficulty: Average to Hard

Chapter One


Generations after the fall of a once great civilization, resides a small and isolated tribe on the outskirts of the solar system. Sworn to protect the magic sealed away in the ruins on their world, this tribe is but a shadow of its former self and will soon be put to the test. As for the first time in centuries, during a bright moonlit night, beams of light had descended from the sky onto their world...


This campaign features some unique gameplay, such as personalized music and sound effects, new scenery and building/objects models, and more... There is some spell/buildings progression, and lots of dialogue.

Saving & Loading

Ascension uses a different save system than the original game, here's what you need to know:

- You can only have ONE game save at any time.

- You can only load a game save from the main menu screen.

- Sometimes, when trying to load a game save, the game will crash.

- Ascension crashes more often than the original game, so please save often!

PopAsc1 team

user:Toxicity - Design, scripting

user:Zyraw - Design, scripting

user:Kosjak - some terrain styles

user:Impboy - some terrain styles

Remastered Version Testers:

user:NationKid05 (bacon)



List of levels

Populous: Ascension - Chapter One

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