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Level 01: "The Journey Begins"
Level 09: "Fire in the Mist"
Level 17: "Middle Ground"
Level 23: "Inferno"

Populous: Original Worlds is a campaign found in a Japanese website. This campaign uses the Bullfrog scripts (mostly the level 24 script) in the levels, but all the levels are original. This should mean that you will be playing 25 levels with the difficulty of Bullfrog's level 24, but it does not, because the levels are different, meaning the markers are in different places, so in some levels you don't even get atacked. Even though most levels are easier than Bullfrog's level 24 (Journey's end), it has some intersting levels. Generally speaking, it's one of the easiest singleplayers out there.


Populous: Original Worlds

Made by: unknown person (probably Japanese)

Difficulty: easy to average-


It’s a pack of 25 original levels. They have no storyline, empty dialog boxes about the level, and no original titles: this means that basically only the level design is original: not the language, textures or scripts.


If you are familiarized with the official campaign The Beginning, this campaign should be one of the easiest, after that. Most of its 25 levels have the official's campaign script for level 24, but because the levels are different, sometimes they don't work as expected. This might cause AI not to attack, or to do weird things. Random settings of restrictions follow you throughout this campaign, so it's not linear.

PopOW team

The team is unknown, but most likely one or more Japanese people designing the levels and uploading.

List of levels

Populous: Original Worlds

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