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Winter Pack Level 03: "The Rift"

The Seasons are a set of four Populous 3 single player packs (each named after a season). Each pack gather 12 standalone levels that are season themed (design, landscape and/or gameplay). This set of 4 packs was created by user:Divinity, user:Impboy and user:Kosjak. It is no regular campaign, not having a clear story line, and uses a random set of difficulties for the levels - but every level on each pack it themed after winter, autumn, summer or spring.

So far 1 pack has been released (winter pack). The second pack (autumn pack) is currently on the making.


Populous: The Seasons

Made by: Divinity, Impboy, Kosjak

Difficulty: Easy to Hard


Generations after the fall of a once great civilization, resides a small and isolated tribe on the outskirts of the solar system. Sworn to protect the magic sealed away in the ruins on their world, this tribe is but a shadow of its former self and will soon be put to the test. As for the first time in centuries, during a bright moonlit night, beams of light had descended from the sky onto their world...


Even though all levels are season themed, they are independent (standalone levels), so each will have its own story (if any), gameplay and difficulty.

It is possible to see the levels difficulty (rather subjective) on the thread: Levels are split into 5 categories:

  • Blue - ~childplay
  • Green - ~weak
  • Yellow - ~moderate
  • Orange - ~difficult
  • Red - ~intense

PopTS team

user:Divinity - Level Design, scripting, textures design

user:Impboy - Level Design, scripting, textures design

user:Kosjak - Level Design, scripting, textures design

List of levels

Populous: The Seasons - Winter Pack

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