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Level 01: "The Journey Begins"
Level 12: "An Easy Target"
Level 17: "Middle Ground"
Level 24: "Journey's End"

Populous: Anniversary is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 25 levels, created by user:Sulivan. The levels are basically the official campaign levels with some changes (both in design and scripting). It's more challenging than the official singleplayer. If you liked the original campaign and are looking to play similar levels under a more challenging environment, this is a campaign for you! This campaign celebrates the 15th anniversary of Populous: The Beginning, which was released back in 1998 (this campaign was released in 2013). The major changes by this patch are made on AI scripts of computer opponents. All 25 levels have rewritten AI scripts, which you will found much more challenging. Some minor changes on landscapes and objects are applied in a few levels.


Populous: Anniversary

Made by: Sulivan

Difficulty: it has 2 difficulties: 106d is easier; and 107b is harder and doesn't allow rushing that easily


It’s a pack of 25 levels. The level titles and storyline is the same as The Beginning. The levels are based on the official campaign by Bullfrog, yet they are edited, and also have different scripts, making them harder than the official, making it a nice challenge for the official campaign lovers. There are also no changes in the textures.


The levels re-design and new scripts offer the player a new experience. In most levels the AI starts with more units/buildings than on the official campaign, and attack more often.

- All brand-new and powerful scripts for all 25 levels!

- Computer opponents will use Bloodlust in level 16!

- A new restriction: only one type of vehicle is available in each level for each tribe (except for Matak in level 24, they will use both).

- Vehicle available for player: boats in level 9,10,11,12,14,15,18,19,20,23; balloons in level 13,16,17,21,24,25.

PopAnn team

user:Sulivan - General idea, Levels Editing, Scripting, levels tester.

List of levels

Populous: Anniversary

01- The Journey Begins

02- Night Falls

03- Crisis of Faith

04- Combined Forces

05- Death from Above

06- Building Bridges

07- Unseen Enemy

08- Continental Divide

09- Fire in the Mist

10- From the Depths

11- Treacherous Souls

12- An Easy Target

13- Aerial Bombardment

14- Attacked from all Sides

15- Incarcerated

16- Bloodlust

17- Middle Ground

18- Head Hunter

19- Unlikely Allies

20- Archipelago

21- Fractured Earth

22- Solo

23- Inferno

24- Journey's End

25- The Beginning

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