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Populous: The Rescue is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 25 original levels created by user:Divinity ( Popre Divinity. Special thanks to Sulivan, GBA1990, Impboy, Kosjak for helping with scripting questions/guides. It is not intended for new players, having almost no learning curve, being most levels at least medium difficulty. This campaign does not show the typical spell and buildings progression as in the original Populous: The Beginning campaign, since it has a different story line, which happens long before. It will probably be released in late 2018.


Populous: The Rescue

Made by: Divinity

Difficulty: Medium to Very Hard (average is Hard)


You will be able to read the storyline on the first level, so why don't you try it? New original features were added, so it's better to play the levels in order, so you understand what some items in the campaign do, and how they work! Some things include: teleporting obelisks, sacrificing stones, magic runes, spirit of the woods, teleporting, holes, magical gates, etc... It follows an interesting storyline, with plot twists and lots of suffering in the middle.


To make the campaign hard, new features were introduced (such as the above), and the AI might have great mana, or bigger base. Blue spells are limited most of the times, and sometimes there are timers or curses on the levels, which make it even harder.

PopTR team

user:Divinity - General idea, level's creator, scripts creator, Background Image, Title and Music, Language, PopTR tester.

Kosjak - Some textures.

Babo - Some textures.

Impboy - Some textures.

Special thanks to: - GBA1991, Sulivan, Impboy, Kosjak for helping with scripting questions/guides.

Download PopTR at: Divinity cloud once it's released. It's called "Populous: The Rescue".

Good luck!

List of levels

Populous: The Rescue Levels

0- Intro (flyby)

1- Cold Arrival

2- Island Siege

3- Icy Winds

4- The Great Plateau

5- Sacrificing Rituals

6- Forest Spirits

7- Warm Thoughts

8- The Servantise Magic

9- Teleporting Obelisks

10- A fire Sacrifice

11- Stones, Runes and Sacrifices

12- Kokoni's Strike

13- Four Fortresses

14- False God

15- Three Masks

16- The Water Civilization

17- The Earth Civilization

18- The Fire Civilization

19- The Air Civilization

20- Under Pressure

21- Graveyard

22- Malefic Visions


24- The Rescue

25- Ghosts From the Past