Southern Style

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Southern Style is a now inactive clan, this Wiki remains as a piece of history for others to read and enjoy.

Part I - The White Tiger Days

The Beginning

After numerous attempts to revive the (now defunct) Dragon Team, The White Tiger (at this period of time known as c3m3t3ry[]h4unt3r and Viglante_8) realised that the downward Spiral of the once great Dragon Team was out of his hands. He then began to search for a new clan to be a part of until the day that a player called --BackStabb-- joked about the idea of creating Southern Style. White Tiger however, took the idea seriously and began to create this clan with --BackStabb-- (who would later disown it). Armed with some high caliber starting members (Quetzalcoatl, Kidd, Dark Touch and ShyGuy (known as b33r^^ at this point)), White Tiger got sS running with a horrible freewebs "Shitemaker" website and relatively active forums.


The first few months were pretty out of control, certain people (namely Shaolin Monk and Black Rose) left sS, came back, left and came back. It was a proper mess. Albeit, ignoring the few hiccups that were made in the recruiting process, some good members were recruited who were loyal and really tried to help the clan in every way possible. 3 members played infinitely important roles to the success that sS were soon to have.

Growth and Peak

These were Pink, Urban Chaos and HazeSamurai. These 3 managed to turn a 200 post graveyard into a 800 a week post forum that buzzed with activity. Pink personally kept white tiger on track whenever he went a bit overboard and brought new levels of organisation and stability to the clan. Urban Chaos added to the clan's reputation with his sheer skill at the game and Haze managed to spice up the website and forum for the better. The memberlist greatly increased and, without being sidetracked by certain instances of having to kick members for posting child porn or for being "scripting geniuses", sS began to fly high in the clan world among with ("friendly" rivals) AsGard and The Dark Masters. Urban and Pink took it as their duty to train up Recruits till they were good enough to merit the treasured sS tag. All was good.


One day, Carnificin (how he ended up back in the clan remains a mystery to many) caused a lot of trouble inside and outside the clan and, without asking for the approval of either Pink or White Tiger, Haze kicked him out. This was the second instance of Haze abusing his Admin power (all be it in both cases it was probably for the greater good) and Pink and White Tiger thought it would be best to remove his Admin powers. This caused Haze to leave sS and was soon followed by his brother Urban. The clan then split in 2. Members such as Kidd, Orange Warrior and Blue Warrior left along with Urban and Haze to revive Royal Widows with Black Widow and Black Prince. The more loyal of the members such as HornedReaper and Black Wolf stayed with Pink and White Tiger. sS was never quite the same again. It continued to grow and was still a force to be reckoned with until one day, without word of warning, Pink decided to leave populous for a long time. After losing his co-leader, White Tiger took it upon hiself to run sS again until it spiraled so far out of control that only He, HornedReaper and Khickman were left. At which point White Tiger left and sS was finished...

Part II - The New sS

Pink's return

After a 3 month break, Pink returned to the lobby to find that sS was pretty much dead. There were no forums, no leader and 2 active tagged members. Pink took the tag off thinking sS was finally dead but put it back on as his name "looked bare" without it. He toyed with the idea of reviving sS and even asked a couple of ex members what they would say to it. Eventually he was ready to completely discard the idea when a certain Black Wolf private messaged Pink in the populous reincarnated matchmaker and asked about reviving sS. Then it began.


[To be continued] It continued, lasted possibly 2 months, never really gathering steam, then went back to having 2 active tag members as is it's tradition. Now it has died again and has been removed from the populous clan list. The end.