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The creation of single player maps emerged at about the same time the creation of multiplayer maps did, although since back then people could only use the scripts the game came with in their maps and couldn't create their own, a good Single Player map was rare. Over the years, script edits have been released that allow us to create our own AI scripts for our single player maps. Some of these programs include:

  • ALACN's Script Compiler / Decompiler
  • CD Player's Notetab librarys
  • Wildman Productions Script Editor
  • Nexus' Auto Scripter
  • Khickman's Syntax Coloured Text Editor
  • TedTycoon's Script Editor

Some talented people have been helping out with the community greatly and writing tutorials such as the ones you'll find in this article to help people who don't know how to create scripts get better at doing so.


The concepts in making Single Player maps are alike in some ways and different in some ways from making multiplayer maps. Here is a list of things you should remember when making your Single Player map:

  • The maps don't have to be fair!

Unlike multiplayer maps, it's actually a good thing if Single Player maps aren't fair. Normally the player should have a big disadvantage to pose as a challenge.

You should have the AI start out with a set base. It makes the level harder because there are many ways you could rush the AI if they had to build a base. You should never give the player a full base unless it is set to be destoryed early similar to the start of From The Depths. Otherwise it would make the level far too easy and nobody would get a challenge out of it. You should also consider giving the player smaller land then the computer. It makes the map more challenging.

  • Provide Objectives

Just like in multiplayer, Single Player maps should have more objectives other than to destroy your enemy. You should include Stone Heads and Vault of Knowledges for more creative maps.

  • Use a good script!

If you want to test your map, you can use one of these scripts:

For Red, use script cpscr053.dat
For Yellow, use script cpscr054.dat
For Green, use script cpscr055.dat

The AI in these scripts will build and attack a bit.

These scripts are not suitable for a challenging level. Read the article below for a brief discussion on how to create good AI Scripts for your Single Player maps.

AI Scripts

If you want a good Single Player map, you need a good AI Script to go along with it. This can be achieved by using an AI scripter or simply creating one using notepad and compiling it with ALACN's AI script compiler.

There are many tutorials around which give lots of information about scripting and if you are unsure about something feel free to ask about in the Populous: Reincarnated forums.

Script Standards

Your script must give a player a challenge. You should make it as human-like as possible, because if not, it will be easy to beat (usually). Try not to make your script so hard that it is impossible to beat.

So here is a list of things you should have in your script.

  • If you have a level with boats and/or balloons in it, make them use them.
  • Let the AI cheat. Give them spells the player doesn't have. Give them mana at the beginning of the game. Start them out with a nice base with a lot of followers and buildings. It makes the AI cooperate better and makes the level harder, too.
  • Some things that have to do with the player go in the script. Player doesn't start out with a Reincarnation Site? Goes in the script. Player gets one shot of lightning at the beginning of the game? In the script as well.
  • Timed levels are always fun. Objectives such as preying to a certain Stone Head or killing a certain amount of followers or escaping from a prison all in a given amount of time will increase the excitment in the level.

Using these tips and the tutorial on Megafont's website, you should be able to create excellent AI scripts.

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