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Wildman Productions is a non-profit development team for enhancements to the game Populous: The Beginning, and the upcoming fan-based sequel to Populous.


The start of the team Wildman Productions began in 2003 with attempts at a new clan matchmaker for clan PT (popmaster team). This development was lead by Janhaan aka Doktor, at the time this team was known by the clan name. After several months others began to join into the team, and the matchmaker project turned from only for PT to a completely public project. It is around this time that the official name Wildman Productions was decided upon. After many months of drawbacks and several matchmaker rewrites, Popmaster and Doktor gave up the ideas of the full-featured matchmaker and is now inactive in the team. It is in this period that leadership of the team turned over to Warg and Koen, bringing the team to be known today with many new programs for Populous: The Beginning, such as the first public AI script compiler, level tester, and the yet to be complete Resurrection Matchmaker client.

Projects & Games

Resurrection Matchmaker

Populous IV: Tribal Conquest


Level Scripter

This was one of the first programs designed and made by Wildman Productions. It was made by Koen and allows you to easily open and save maps rather than decompiling it and back.

Level Tester

This was a small program that would allow you to easily test levels and AI scripts using level 1. The program and a user friendly browsing interface and a restore option. The program was designed by King Warg then later programmed by TedTycoon.

Pop Fix 2006

This utility is a counterpart to the Populous Reincarnated utility popfix, with a much more user friendly approach and the ability to repair corrupt game files.

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