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Base rising from the depths, in level 10

This rare effect can set, and then letting appear again a island or piece of land.

The only single-player level where it is used is From The Depths. The nice thing of Atlantis, is that the land slowly rises and it looks nice. The buildings are a bit damaged, but the wildies and trees are still intact.

Creating Levels using Atlantis Effect

As said above, the place where the island appears, does not need to be exactly the place where it is set.

Setting an Atlantis Island:

  • Place the effect Atlantis Set, (can be linked from a trigger too) over the source island (the island that will appear). This does not need to be the same place where the island will rise.
  • Place the effect Atlantis Invoke where the island should rise and link it to a trigger.

Notes on placing Atlantis:

  • Using Stone Heads on a place that will be set for Atlantis, will freeze.
  • TESTED: It is no problem if there is a Reincarnation Site, or a enemy shaman on the set island, but if a Shaman came in that zone, she will be set as dead, and she doesn't reincarnate until you or an enemy Invoke it again.
  • All people and buildings (the Shaman too), that came into that zone, will be from the player who've Invoked it, if 'create player owned' is enabled in the trigger.
  • There can not be more than one Atlantis Source island, but it can be invoked to rise multiple times..