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Populous has built in cheats that can be activated using F-Codes after entering the correct word in the chatbox. This also activates debug mode which can be accessed by holding down 'O' and using the arrow keys. A few trainers have been created as well.

Built-in Cheats

These cheats can be activated by pressing Tab+F11 so that a box will come up similar to the chatbox in Multiplayer and then typing in 'Byrne'. Some rumours have been spread that changing the colours on the right side of the box will allow the AI players to use these cheats, this is not true. The built in cheats will not work in multiplayer.

Cheat Code
Extra Mana Tab + F1
Free Spells Tab + F2
All Spells Tab + F3
All Buildings Tab + F4
Full Spells Tab + F5


  • Will not work in Multiplayer.
  • You can not receive Guest Spells using the built in cheats.
  • Free Spells shows invisible enemies.

Debug Mode

Debug mode can be acivated the same way built-in cheats are activated. These cheats do work in Multiplayer if an external program, such as a matchmaker, has not prohibited them. When used all other players will see your name tag before the variable your changing.

You can scroll through these cheats by holding 'O' and using the arrow keys. Up and Down scrolls through the variables and Left and Right changes the variable. Changing some of these variables can be useful in cases of editing certain game files or levels.

List: 1. Messages Off 2. Auto Quick Save 3. Sound 4. Music Type 5. Sync Checking 6. No Draw 7. No Sprites Draw 8. Pause on out of sync 9. No Texture Mapping 10. No poly draw 11. No Objects Draw 12. Plan View Hide Enemy People 13. Plan View Hide Enemy buildings 14. Scroll Momentum 15. Scroll momentum amount 16. Texture Map Size 17. Ambient Light 18. Point Lights 19. Ambient Shadows 20. Point Shadows 21. Sky On 22. Hires Textures Off 23. Use 32x32 Hires Textures 24. Footsteps 25. Animating Water 26. No Formations 27. Show Formation Points 28. Frame Limit min ticks 29. Computer Player off 30. People panel 31. no jan navigation 32. Full Map Sync Check 33. Show Jav Points 34. Computer jnav work path len 35. Human jav work path len 36. Computer Jav calls per frame 37. Human jnav calls per frame 38. Auto Guarding off 39. Blow damage off 40. Camera Zoom on 41. Sound Volume 42. Music Volume 43. Sea On 44. Island Level 45. CD Track 46. Local Drag Select Off 47. Jnav max count 48. Fog of war 49. Auto use vehicles 50. Maintain minimum population 51. Continuous raise/lower 52. Allow cursor snap 53. Game turns per second 54. Draw Turns per second 55. Show flat areas darkened 56. Scaling spires always 57. Show attack areas 58. Show wood search data 59. Check mapwho integrity 60. Use buildings entrance alt 61. Ok 62. Tooltips 63. Auto Camera adjust 64. Lens Flare 65. Panel sound effects off 66. Human shaman omnipresence 67. Owned Target select 68. Autocast spell 69. Scrolling tooltips 70. Flip Rotation 71. Auto Deselect 72. Swap Rotate/Move

Trainers & Programs

A few trainers have been made to do similar tasks as the built in cheats. The most known one is Alacn's Populous Trainer which can do the same things but have an unlimited amount of spells. Using trainers in Multiplayer will resync the game and will not work.

The Populous MP Monitor lets you see each player's follower count, building count, statistics, which spells are charging, how much they are charging and what spells they have.

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