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Life : 6
Strength : 3
Weak Scale : 2

Braves are the workforce of your tribe; they will build, repair and upgrade constructions, collect wood, generate the most mana, train as preachers, warriors, firewarriors, spies, build boats and build balloons. They are poor fighters and twenty can easily be wiped out by two or three warriors and must attack in numbers if they wish to overwhelem a shaman. Braves can be gained either through breeding or converting wildmen using the Convert spell.

It is a good idea to keep a number of braves in your village to keep it in order and to provide reinforcements if needed.

Never keep braves idle as idle braves will not generate the mana you will be expecting to make so make sure they are doing something even if they are just walking in circles.

Braves generate the same mana whether they are in large huts, medium huts, small huts or when moving. This means that braves generate less mana if they are idle.

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