Dragon Team

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Dragon Team
Dragon Team
Members : Keith52, Biblical_Archaeology, Pig, Fredrick, Smowy, Steady, Suleiman, bob, Taity-mini, Demmo,MohtasaUnique,Lixydoon,Dahlia, Divinity
Leaders : Keith52
Tag : _DT
Founded : May 2008

Dragon Team is an old clan revived. It was brought despite an abundance of good players due to internal conflicts. More information can be found at the clan's official website. The revived Dragon Team is not entirely based on skill, but mostly on the content of its member's character.

The Dragons

Members: (Ordered by [1] rank)

Special Ranks (Dedicated members with definite personality traits)





Trial Members

  • None at the moment


  • Mightyvolcano - Left due to personal reasons.
  • -Shadow- - Kicked due to inactivity
  • Natsuhiboshi (ex-GoD) - Left to re-join his old clan and rival clan; Gods Of Destruction
  • Keemo - Kicked as a result of conflict with other members (Is now in one of DT's rival clans; Royal Widows)
  • Daniel93 - Left for reasons of his own (Later kicked from forums for causing conflicts)
  • UltimatePride (ex-GoD) - Left for reasons of his own (still welcome on DT's forums)
  • MohtasaUnique - Kicked due to inactivity
  • Inspire (ex-TDM)- Left due to personal reasons
  • Nefarius (ex-TDM)- Left to due to personal reasons. Currently in AsG Asgard
  • Shyguy - Personal reasons and inactivity
  • FalconX - Kicked to due not being "family" member
  • Aspire - Left due to personal reasons. Currently solo.
  • Orton (ex-GoD)- Kicked from the clan due to the majority of clan voting him out. Not allowed to rejoin. Currently in rival clan TGW.
  • Divinity - unknown.

(ex-[clan]) is determined by the last clan the members were part of in the "top-5"

Clan Projects

Dragon Tournament Map-Pack

There are currently 5 maps under construction

Dragon (Normal) Worlds II

Currently under construction, maps to be released after tournament worlds


Coming soon


Coming soon

External Links

Dragon Team's official website

Clan Profile on Populous: Reincarnated

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