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The stud himself. Suleiman has recently been awarded the "Hottest Male in the Universe" award..

Suleiman [the Magnificent] (also known as "DakiniShaman," "Firegay," or "RedShaman1") is a 20 year old Populous player that resides in the small town of Clinton, Indiana. He has been playing for four or five years and continues to play Populous today.


Suleiman started playing Populous back in the EA days when Populous online was supported and run by EA Games. He made his account with the username "Fireguy" and usually came in as a firewarrior. Back in those days it wasn't required of you to sign up and get points -- Suleiman just played for fun.

Suleiman used to work underground with the Populous player King Warg. King Warg was the founder of the unofficial Populous 4 (Age of Chaos). Suleiman is said to have made three maps for the game and has worked with King Warg on other projects, although he has said that he does not work with King Warg anymore.


Suleiman has a variety of names that he's gone under, most of them listed above. The reason most of the name changes occured was because of boredom with the previous name, although he went under "RedShaman1" because he and the player RedWarrior were team players at the time of the name change and they combined their names (RedWarrior and DakiniShaman).

The "Firegay" Incident

Some say that one day he misspelled his name and came in as "Firegay," and thats how the whole incident started, but others say that the player Lukestorm made the name up himself.

Map Making

Suleiman often made maps and Mappacks for the people of the community. While he was not official, he was a popular map maker. He made very impressive maps, although he only released one map pack (Sunny Worlds) because of his lack of freetime.

Suleiman can also create artificial intelligence (AI) scripts for singleplayer Populous.


Suleiman has been in two clans in his Populous career. These include DT and TN. He was in TN for about four months until he left for DT.

Suleiman's Part in DT

Suleiman has been said to be the cause of DT's death because some community players thought that Suleiman was the clan leader of DT when it died. It has been proven, though, that Suleiman never was the leader of DT at all, but was an administrator/moderator for quite a while.

When Suleiman first asked if there was anything he could do to help DT, he was made moderator. After about a day or so as moderator, the clan leader, Khickman, decided that Suleiman had "abused his powers." Although he hadn't, Khickman went ahead and revolked Suleiman's position in the staff. RedWarrior fought side-by-side with Suleiman against Khickman to get Khickman to change his mind about Suleiman. In the end he did change his mind, but soon after many members had left to join AsG and Khickman quit the clan and gave his status to RedWarrior, Khickman gave out Suleiman's DT password. DT was then hacked.

Soon after the hacking, DT died because of a comedy-act leadership by a different Populous player, the hacking, and Keith52.

Suleiman's Current Part in the Community

As his signature says, Suleiman is the "Official Community Havoc Creator," which means he's basically the troublemaker of the community. Some people would agree with his signature, but most people think he's a hilarious, witty guy.

Suleiman's old signature. His new one promotes his website.

Suleiman occasionally comes in the matchmaker. He doesn't play any games, of course, but does chat to/argue with the other players in Populous. He does, though, post on the forums quite often.

Forum Activity

Suleiman basically just posts and ruins the shit of people like Akira, mighty_volcano, and others.

He also sometimes makes new topics. They're usually rants and sometimes include a picture he's drawn/photoshopped in Microsoft Paint (yes, seriously).

The Return of Suleiman

Suleiman has now announced to the community that he is no longer retired from Populous and shall return to the community. He has joined a clan, the Gods of Destruction (otherwise known as GoD) and shall remain in that clan until further notice. He shall be active in the community and the clan and shall play games of Populous whenever he can/wants to.


In the beginning of March, 2007, Suleiman decided that he should create a website. He did just that. It was called "The Best Page You'll Ever Visit." It was popular for a few days until he got bored with it and created a Populous site, entitled The Dakini Hut.

He started up a Freewebs account and got a simple layout created. The website looks pretty good until he got to the downloads page, where he realized he didn't have enough space to host any downloads. He decided to contact IncaWarrior about hosting his website. Inca said he would do so.

The layout has since changed for The Dakini Hut, the new one looking better than the old. The URL is


Suleiman kicks ass. And no, he did not make this article. And I'm sick and tired of all you people going, "zomg we no it was u taht made teh wiki topic," so take a hint and stop asking me about it.

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