Dismantle Trick

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Dismantling: the steps to generate +1 brave

The dismantle trick is a method to quickly gain extra braves without waiting the period of time a hut takes to produce them automatically. Gaining braves quickly is important to generate mana.

The trick is useful for levels like those in Adventure Worlds where the player often starts out with only a trapped Shaman and a full sized hut. As many braves are needed to worship the idols on these levels, getting braves short term can help more in the long run than following the normal upgrade pattern. On levels with convert and lots of wildmen, the trick is useless as the tribe can easily pass the hut capacity using only convert.

Executing the Trick

Hover over the total follower count to show the total followers in the tribe and the maximum allowed with current number of huts, the trick will only work if there is capacity left.

Click the dismantle button on a hut and wait for the braves to dismantle the hut by one wood. Then switch off the dismantle button on the hut so the brave rebuilds it. After the hut is completed a brave is created immediately.

This trick can be expanded to any number of huts, but is limited by the tribe follower capacity. Any huts partially dismantled no longer contribute to the maximum tribe count, so timing and coordination is key.


  • Dismantling and rebuilding resets the hut to the beginning of its current stage which will slow the hut upgrading process.
  • When not carefully monitored, braves can remove the entire hut, especially bad while performing the trick on upgraded huts.
  • A partially dismantled hut is more vulnerable to being fully destroyed by enemies.

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