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Mana is needed to charge Spells and train Followers. Mana is developed by every follower you own, and each follower generates different amounts of mana per minute. Having the shaman alive also grants mana. Mana can also be acquired as a reward from some Stone Heads. Angels of Death or ghost units don't generate mana.

Mana Generated by Each Follower in a Minute
Follower Mana Generation Per Minute
Warrior, Firewarrior, Preacher, Spy (moving) 11,3
Brave (in hut or working) 34,6
Brave, Warrior, Firewarrior, Preacher, Spy (idle) 9,1
Shaman 66,6

Each player starts the game with an initial 300 mana. Thereafter, mana is generated by Followers at varying rates.

Once acquired, mana can be used in two ways: charging Spells and training Followers. As is mana is charged, it is allocated in two steps:

  • Mana is split 50/50 between charging Spells and training Followers. If no Spells are being charged, then 100% is channeled towards training Followers. If no Followers are being trained, then 100% is channeled towards charging Spells. If no spells are being charged and no followers are being trained, then the mana is wasted.
  • The mana allocated to spells is divided equally among the spells charging and the mana allocated to training is divided equally to each active training hut.

Example: At the start of a game, the player has a Shaman, 7 working Braves, 2 Warriors and 2 Preachers. The player is training more Preachers with a single Hut and is charging Convert, Blast, and Hypnotise. Total Mana flow from followers is: 66,6 + (7 x 34,6) + (2 x 11,3) + (2 x 11,3) = 354 mana per minute.


If an attack on your base is imminent and you need Hypnotise to thwart it you can make it charge six times as fast by stopping your training and turning off all spell charging except for Hypnotise. Alternatively you may decide you need the Preacher and so turning off all spell charging would allow you to train them twice as fast.


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