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Some ways of patrolling

Patrolling is a very common technique which involves your defensive followers to guard certain points of the land in a cycle. There are many different ways of guarding.

Guard Post

This is more common in Single Player as it is possible to do the same thing with Hotkeys. You can lay many Guard Posts and command followers to do multiple actions by clicking the Guard Posts.

Some people just make one Guard Post so they can easily tell upcoming followers to guard just by clicking the Guard Post without using the keyboard and selecting the guard point. This is handy for putting idle braves to same mana early in to the game. This way of guarding is best used by putting the Guard Post in the Reincarnation Site as there is plenty of space there.

Quick Patrol

Using the ctrl and alt keys is much better and more efficient than using Guard Posts. Just select your followers, hold ctrl and alt down and click up to eight points on their patrol cycle.

Spot Guarding

If you do not want your followers to patrol in two places or more you can command them to jog on the spot, just hold down ctrl and alt, and double-click on a spot of land.

Tactics and Tricks

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