Angel of Death

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Angel of Death
Angel of Death
Mana Required : 5,100
Shots : 1
Range : 6
Duration : *Depends
Incantation : Mortaza
Angel of Death also known as 'AOD', will make a flying dragon appear out of nowhere that will eat enemy followers and the shaman. If the dragon tries to eat somebody inside a hut, the hut will be destroyed as the follower is being snatched. Usually is stopped by using Ghost Army.
  • The Angel of Death can be destroyed by firestorm or another Angel of Death. It can also be destroyed by 4 direct lightning stikes or if a large number of firewarriors attack it at once. If it doesn't get destroyed, it usually goes away in 3 - 5 minutes. It is possible for a good part of the tribe to be decimated with a good Angel of Death.
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