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Mana Required : 900
Shots : 3
Range : 8
Duration : 17 seconds
Incantation : Cheenak
The tornado spell generates a small twister that can destroy entire structures and send followers flying all around. When cast directly on a building, it will completely level the structure, but if the spell is cast when the Shaman is out of range of the building (using Autocast) the spell will do minimal damage and float away.

Tornado is a very commonly used spell as it is cheap and efficient for destroying huts in one shot. Players also use it to spread followers around, maybe in the water. Firewarriors can still fire even if they are in the air, mostly getting another chance to kill the enemy shaman.

In Shaman combat, one technique used is when the enemy shaman is in a tornado, to keep blasting the tornado in order drain the health of the enemy shaman before she can cast spells retaliate.

One unique attribute of the tornado spell is it does not destroy the building materials it consumes. While the tornado does damage to the land when it destroys a building, the wood used in construction of the building is spread out around the spell's path. This is true of when a tornado hits a tree or pile of wood as well.

Tornadoes can have 3 different colours, depending on what they are touching: brown when on land blue when on water orange when on lava (orange water)

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