The Journey Begins

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The Journey Begins
The Journey Begins
The Journey Begins
Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 2
Stone Heads : 2
Vault of Knowledges : 1
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Beginner

The Journey Begins is the first level featured in the single player campaign Populous: The Beginning and its demo version.

Starting Speech

"I have created my Reincarnation Site and the settlement is nearly complete. Now we must destroy the Dakini tribe!"

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The world is one of the smallest worlds in existence and consists of three islands. The player gets the largest island, which is also the southern island. This island contains one Stone Head, which has unlimited uses of Landbridge, as well as two Small Huts. The middle island is the second largest of the three and has another Stone Head, this time containing four uses of Lightning. These can be used to quickly end the level if the player chooses to. Also, the Vault of Knowledge containing the Warrior Training Hut is guarded by a lone Brave. Finally, the northern island contains the small Dakini settlement of one Large Hut and a Warrior Training Hut.


The player begins with six braves, but two are spawned soon after. Two more huts can be constructed to fill up the space, whilst the Shaman (or even a brave) worships the Landbridge Stone Head. Two uses are needed, though others can be used to expand the settlement. Cast one spell to the central island and cast a Blast spell on the Dakini Brave. He should be killed upon hitting the ground. Whilst the Shaman worships the Vault of Knowledge, a Brave can worship the Stone Head which contains the powerful Lightning spell. Once both the spells and the training hut have been obtained, a final Landbridge can be cast to the Dakini settlement. Take note that in doing so, the Stone Head on the starting island will sink into the ground. From here, the player has a choice. The player may wish to end the level with four well placed Lightning spells, or a Warrior Training Hut can be built, where the player can train 5 warriors to destroy the Dakini with. Be warned that the Dakini Shaman may blast your forces into the water, so killing her with Lightning is advised.

Enemy tribes: Dakini

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Stone Head Landbridge 1
Stone Head 4 Lightning 1
Vault of Knowledge Warrior Training Hut

Quick Way

This level can be completed in around a minute if you are quick enough. Begin by getting two Landbridge spells, then connect all three islands together. Get the four uses of Lightning then cast one on the clump of Braves outside the Large Hut. This will kill them all and the followers inside the hut will go to guard the Shaman. Casting Lightning on her and should kill the followers guarding her. After that, casting Blast on the Warrior should end the level.

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