Unseen Enemy

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Unseen Enemy
Unseen Enemy
Unseen Enemy
Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 2
Stone Heads : 1
Vault of Knowledges : 1
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Medium

Unseen Enemy is the seventh level in Populous The Beginning, where the player gains the Invisibility spell. This level is also very similar to the Multiplayer level Eye of the Storm.

Starting Speech

"The Chumara will use the spell of Invisibility to attack us. Once again, I sense a Stone Head that contains a prize: the spell of Erode! Then, I will seize the power of Invisibility from their Vault of Knowledge."

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The blue tribe starts on a large kidney-shaped island with an outlet of land which leads to the Reincarnation Site. Parallel to the player's island is a similar one that belongs to the Chumara tribe. There are two easy paths that can connect the islands using one Landbridge spell on either end of the islands. In the centre there is a small island with a Stone Head on it which can also be used to connect the islands with two Landbridge spells.

Enemy tribes: Chumara

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Stone Head 2 Erode 5
Vault of Knowledge Invisibility


Start by sending your braves to the middle of the island and start building a Guard Tower. On your way, convert groups of wildmen and command them to build some huts. Expand your settlement and train several preachers. Send them over to both ends of the island so that they can convert some enemy troops.

When the Chumara Shaman connects to your island follow the footprints to track the hidden enemy preachers that are heading to your base. Once you have found them, kill them. Continue the level as normal, and when you're ready to kill them train up to 10 preachers and 10 warriors. Kill their shaman first with Lightning and then send your army to destroy their settlement. Later in the game they will cast Landbridge on the far east side of the island too, so watch out.

Both Shamans have their Circles of Reincarnation at the end of a long peninsula. If you are having trouble, worship the Stone Head and use Erode to cut off the enemy CoR from the mainland. This will put the Chumara Shaman out of the fight permanently. Don't however Erode the CoR itself because reincarnation will bring it back above water.

Another useful tip if you're having trouble with enemy attacks is to prevent the enemy Shaman from casting any Landbridge spells in the first place by using the Lightning spell on her quickly right before she reaches one of the ends of her island to use her spell. The two Erode spells can also be useful to erode the ends of the enemy island at the sites where the Chumara Shaman must stand to connect her island to yours. This can prevent her from being able to get close enough to bridge the two islands together giving you as much time as you need to prepare for an assault.

Lastly, attacking by using two Landbridges and the island with the Stone Head on it to connect directly to the Chumara base can save you time and troops by letting you attack the heart of the enemy directly and bypassing some defenses.

Quick Way

The level can be completed in at least six minutes. First send your braves to build a Guard Tower in reach of the other island that is closest to your Reincarnation Site. Build a temple while your shaman converts wildmen, and make sure you charge Landbridge. Once you have built your temple train several preachers and build a couple of huts. When you have Landbridge cast it to the Chumara island and send your preachers to their base. They should not have any of their own preachers yet. Use your shaman to blast the enemy braves or the shaman around too.

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